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So we’re 6 months into this Venturef0rth thing. We’re cooking with gas, and part of that is because we’re listening. In the spirit of listening, we’ve heard you want some new levels of membership into the club that is Venturef0rth. Check it:

New cool membership level 1:

The first is what we’re calling “Overtime” membership. It’s for you burn-the-candle-at-both-ends-types that may still have the old day job, but need to build something great at the same time. The keys to the kingdom are yours all-night Tuesday and from Friday sundown to Monday sunup. Desks, conference rooms, whiteboard, WiFi and caffeine all on tap. Need to get here by car? You’ll even be able to park onsite for free. Need to crash for a few hours? The sofas convert to beds. We’re making 74 hours each week available to you for $195/month per person.

New cool membership level 2:

The second is our “Community” plan. This is for the those of you looking for a place to drop in during the week, grab a cold one at the bar, catch up on email, sharpen your ping pong chops, even use the exercise equipment and shower (coming in the Fall!). $35/month and you’re in.

Like any other Venturef0rth member, you’ll have access to our closed Facebook group and the community bulletin board so you can stay wired into the scene, stay on top of happenings and opportunities in the community, and contribute where you can to your fellow peers.

Details are on our Membership page. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to

Word? Word.

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