Member Monday: Arielle Friedlander

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This post is part of a new series called “Member Monday” which will allow you to get to know the amazing people who work out of Venturef0rth a little better!

1. Tell us a little about your company.

As a health and wellness coach, I help people make the connection between living healthy and feeling happy. I came to realize that when you start taking care of your body with whole foods, living more mindfully, and finding balance in the various parts of life, health and happiness simply align. So now, I work one-on-one with men and women who are sick of feeling stuck in a rut, constantly unhappy and out of energy, and I help them get unstuck through healthy living.

Through our work together, my clients learn what is keeping them trapped in unhealthy habits, how to break free of them, and how to finally unlock energy and happiness in their lives. It’s incredible to see clients expand past barriers and make changes they have never been able to before! I love to open people up to the possibility of something greater in their lives.

2. Describe your company culture in 3 words.

Positive, mindful, energetic

3. What’s the biggest challenge your company faces?

Right now, my challenge (in the positive sense of the word) is to continue expanding my network and building relationships in Philadelphia. I’m working on my own, so it can be difficult to get the word out about my coaching programs and events. I’m looking to partner with other companies and organizations that promote healthy living and, together, create opportunities to teach and engage the community.

4. What’s next for your company?

I love bringing people together around healthy food, so I’m planning a lot of events in the upcoming year. Cooking workshops, eclectic plant-based dinners, and perhaps a larger event for the community to learn about healthy living… We’ll see! Lots of fun to come.

5. What makes Philadelphia the right home for your company?

Philly has an awesome spirit of support and community. It’s a perfect place for someone’s health and happiness to thrive. There are so many programs and initiatives in the city that support a healthy lifestyle – farmer’s markets providing local organic produce, restaurants experimenting with plant-based cuisine, urban gardens and farms that teach you how to grow food, tons of fitness studios and gyms (plus free running clubs and outdoor yoga classes galore), and so much more. Once I help people make changes in their lives, they have an incredible city at their fingertips to continue to help them on their journey.

Thank you, Arielle!

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