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SnipSnap Team

Who doesn’t love a good coupon? Definitely not these guys. Enter – SnipSnap.

The SnipSnap team was one of the first to move into our coworking space, way back when (…2012), and is currently our largest company with 10 awesome employees. They set out to make couponing easier, and that they have. After a year of existing, they already have over 2 million users! Check out what Ted Mann, founder and CEO, had to say about building his company, what he actually wanted to be when he grew up, and other fun tidbits.

Tell us your 15-second elevator pitch.

SnipSnap is a year-old company solving the problem of people forgetting their paper coupons at home — by allowing you to photograph and digitize the ones you get in the mail. If you’ve ever left a 20%-off coupon on the fridge, you know the pain.

When and why did you start SnipSnap?

The idea took root after I got into a fight with my wife after forgetting to use a baby coupon when buying a stroller. I thought: there has to be a way to remember these coupons when I go out shopping! Why not save them to my phone?

What makes SnipSnap different from other similar products?

We’re the only coupon app that lets you save and redeem printed coupons via your smartphone. We also have a very active community of 2 million user who share coupons, so chances are, no matter where you’re shopping or what you’re looking to buy, there’s a coupon on SnipSnap for it.

What keeps you guys up at night?

We have a LOT of retailers launching new campaigns every day. We work very hard to promote these “featured” offers and target them to our users. We’ve also recently been promoting some coupons outside of our own app, and getting added reach by leveraging Facebook, mobile web, and Twitter. We’re showing phenomenal results for retailers like Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Party City, and more, but it’s a lot of work and we’re always burning the midnight oil to make sure everything is scheduled and performing effectively.

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia?

The food! I think Philadelphia has a tremendous value when it comes to dining out — some of the best restaurants in the county, all of which are pretty affordable. Even the food trucks that come to Venturef0rth offer incredible food (soft shell crab sandwiches!) and good prices.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

A magician.

What do you like most about Venturef0rth?

The community. Many of the startups at Venturef0rth are ones I’ve worked alongside since founding SnipSnap at DreamIt Ventures 2 years ago.

Fun fact about the SnipSnap team? Something we may not know?

Our President, Ron Braunfeld, shaves his kids heads 1x per year. We’re not quite sure why, but we’re all secretly terrified that he may one day do the same to us.

What’s better, ping pong or darts?

Between the hours of 9-5, darts. From 5-midnight, ping pong. After midnight, cockfights.

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