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Time to meet another cool tech company that works in Venturef0rth… but mostly hangs out by the darts lounge. Eddie and Jesse are lifelong friends and started seedRef to revolutionize the job screening process.

Tell us your 15-second elevator pitch.
seedRef helps companies avoid making poor, costly hiring decisions by delivering critical character insights of job candidates to recruiters upfront in the screening process. By completely automating the reference checking process, we’re able to gather more valuable data on more candidates – faster than ever before.

When and why did you start seedRef?
Jesse (my cofounder) and I feel strongly that efficient personal character assessment is the big ‘missing piece’ when it comes to making the best hiring decisions. Data showing companies – even those who hire relatively well – wasting millions of dollars annually on bad hires supports the notion that we’ve got plenty of room for improvement in this area. We launched a MVP-style product in June, in response to really strong initial feedback we received from recruiters. The official app went live just a few weeks ago.

What makes seedRef different from other similar products? If there are?
The are a few really key differences between seedRef and other online reference checking services. First, we’re focused on measuring personal character attributes above things like skills, knowledge, or even personality traits. Recent studies show that character attributes are at the root of the bad hiring problem. Next, we’re building a platform that collects and stores reference data on candidates over time. In other words, the valuable data we collect doesn’t die with the recruiter. Lastly, seedRef is built to promote the idea that more is good. As such, we’re built to scale and push volume in ways that other solutions are not.

What keeps you guys up at night when it comes to your company?
Figuring out ways to reduce unknown variables (i.e. risk) is always what keeps me up at night.

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia?
Best beer selection in the country, hands down. It’s also nice to pay less in rent than I would in other big cities.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?
I’m not sure what I wanted to be — but based on the fact that I prided myself on finding loopholes in rules, my parents always suggested I become a lawyer.

What do you like most about Venturef0rth?
There is an unmistakable energy about Venturef0rth. I suppose it comes from being around other people with similar goals and struggles, which I find to be highly motivating.

Fun fact about your team? Something we may not know?
Jesse and I met over 20 years ago when we both moved to the same street in the same Philly suburb in the same summer. I think we were 8 years old at the time. We immediately began planning seedRef (jk).

What’s better, ping pong or darts?
In a workplace, darts is the more politically correct activity. When noise isn’t a factor, ping pong gets the nod.

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