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Get to know another one of the companies that calls Venturef0rth home – one with a whole lot of personality. The threesome of FastFig have been buds since middle school, and are building the coolest product – a word processing for math. I promise – this is a fun interview to read.

Tell us your 15-second elevator pitch.

FastFig makes math accessible to the connected world. We enable anyone to type and solve mathematics. Users don’t have to know code, LaTeX (…no, not what condoms are made of), or any of the other stuff typically needed to make math work in the digital realm. And…FastFig solves advanced calculus for you too.

When and why did you start FastFig?

FastFig started as a tool for college-level math, engineering and research in the Fall of 2011. Brian was an engineering student frustrated with the fact that he still had to use a graphing calculator and pencil/paper to hash out his thoughts; while everything else he did was completed on the computer.

What makes FastFig different from other similar products? If there are?

We call FastFig “The Word Processor for Math” so many people would compare it to some of the traditional word processing options. However, FastFig also includes sophisticated math tools that often draw comparison to things like Wolfram Alpha, MATLAB and graphing calculators. FastFig is unique because it combines both word processing and computation to create an environment tailored specifically to math and science problem solving.

What keeps you guys up at night?

Brian: Dreaming in code.

Alex: Enjoying your work so much you forget sleep is a thing. That and prescription methamphetamines.

Jay: Worrying about what Brian and Alex are actually working on, and that thing called ‘Revenue’.

What’s your favorite part of Philadelphia?

Brian: The Japanese Tea House in the Art Museum.

Alex: Public Transportation. Nobody is gonna agree with me but it gets you wherever you want to go for $2.

Jay: The Italian Market.

What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

Brian: Naval Architect (Design Sailboats)

Alex: Professional Bacon Tester. Then when I found out that wasn’t a thing – a Game Designer (Game Architect).

Jay: SkyScraper Architect

*Just found out that we all wanted to be some sort of architect… Weird.

What do you like most about Venturef0rth?

Jay: The endless beer and soda supply! But really we love the people and the atmosphere. It’s open and you can talk to anyone, while at the same time you can clamp down and get a lot done.

Alex: Theres an endless supply of interesting people for me to avoid socializing with.

Fun fact about FastFig? Something we may not know?

Jay: We all grew up together, living within a mile of each other. When we met in middle school and parted ways at high school graduation we never imagined the three of us would end up starting a company!

Alex: The FastFig Team spends almost as much time thinking up hilariously lucrative/illegal business ideas as it does working. (Jay’s edit: More time…)

What’s better, ping pong or darts?

Brian: I’m pretty bad at both but I’d have to say Ping Pong – it has more action.

Jay: Darts – sharp shiny objects fly through the air… need I say more?


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