November 2013 - Venturef0rth

Halloween 2013 (Pumpkin clementines and donuts)

This is how Venturef0rth does Halloween

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…With a bake-off, obviously. While the overall costume-to-member ratio wasn’t at an all time high, the costumes we DID see were epic enough on their own. We’re proud to say that we have our very own in-house “Dude” (would you believe us if we told you his name was actually Jeff Labonski?) and in true startup style, a “Series A Round.” ┬áHar har. Not the scariest of costumes, but quite clever nonetheless. Our members proved to be pretty creative when it came to baking, and the treats were (thankfully) delicious. There was that one person who brought in pumpkin-inspired clementines…

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